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Frank Bültge

WP Maintenance Mode 1.6.3

Only admin users will be let through the maintenance page, to the blog's home page.

Shirtinator 0.1

This is done without using popups or iframes.

FeedStats 3.7.2

The plugin is available in multiple languages.

User Theme 0.3

Different themes can be used for different users.

Secure WordPress 1.0.1

The plugin is available in multiple languages.

JS AntiSpam 1.2.2

Several options to delete spam from comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are available.

CopyFeed 4.7.4

A report of copyright, a digital fingerprint and the IP of the feed reader can be added.

RSSImport 4.4.7

The plugin can be used in blog content building.

AddQuicktag 1.6.3

The Quicktags can also be imported and exported.

Custom Admin CSS 0.3

The plugin works only for authors with admin level.

Debug Queries 0.6

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Debug Objects 0.3

It will display various message inside the blog for users with the admin rank.

Rivva Reactions 0.3

It creates a widget in which Rivva content can be presented.

!Wartungsmodus 1.5.6

This can be used to inform your readers that your blog is down for maintenance time.

WP Cache Inspect 0.8.3

It also allows the cache to be cleared manually from the admin page.

Adminimize 1.7.7

It also moves the 'Dashboard' onto the main administrative menu.

Adminer 0.2.5

The tool provides many of the tools found in phpMyAdmin.

Replace WP-Version 1.0

Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Nice Tooltips 2.1

Two models are currently available. See attached screenshots.