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Eli Fulkerson

Generate Google Sitemap Script 1.0

It will build a file list with modification times based on a list of allowed extensions.

Double URL-encode 1.0

This function also serves as a url_encode function.

Subnet Allocator 1.0

Text descriptions can be attached to any given subnet/subnet mask combination.

HTTP to HTTPS redirector 1.0

If the client's browser doesn't support this redirection, an standard HTML page is displayed with instructions how to get to the desired page.

ARIN Whois Scraper 1.0

It uses the Arin API to connect and return queries.

'Safe' Python module reload 1.0

Before starting to recompile, the script checks for syntax errors in the submitted code.

RGB Blending Tables 1.0

It will generate a large HTML file with all color transitions ,so the user can see what is happening as colors are tweaked.

PHP Boolean to SQL Query Translator 1.0

The code is not sanitized, and any programmer using this is expected to sanitize his code before submitting the SQL query.

RGB Gradation 1.0

No platform requirements, it should work on every Python installation.

One time popups 1.0

The JavaScript code is used to launch the window, meanwhile the PHP code stores a session variable for each visitor.

FormatTable 1.0

It is written with an eye to output on a text-only console

ASP Boolean to SQL Query Translator 1.0

It too, can convert boolean syntax (such as "dogs" and "cats" not "mammoth") into a valid SQL statements.

Python UDP Stress Tester 1.0

It tests the maximum capacity of a network in UDP transfer and outputs the results in kilobits per second.

Boolean to SQL Query Translator 1.0

This is a translation function to convert boolean search syntax into a SQL Query.

MSSQL Trouble Button 1.0

The result of the query are outputted in HTML format.