Split topic Type Ptirhiik


Sub-templates 1.0.4

This mod allows you to set a different template - or parts of template - for a forum or an entire category

Post icons 1.0.1

This mod will add icons in front of the title of messages, and comes with a solid admin interface.

Simply Merge Threads 1.0.1

This MOD will allow to merge two topics together. You can input the topics id, the url to the topics or to a post of the topics, or select them in a list.

Panels feel phpbb 1.0.1

Give the profile and ACP/configuration menus a panels feel.

Topic Calendar 1.2.2

This mod will add a calendar to your board, using topics as event. The authorizations are managed at forums, groups and users level, as the standard phpBB auths.

Qbar/Qmenu 1.0.1

You can also add menus and bars only to a specific template and/or sub-template.

Announces Suite 3.0.2a

It adds also a duration to each announcement, and global announcement.

Topics list 1.0

Topics list is a tool in order to display a list of topics anywhere.

Ranks summarize 1.0.4

This mod is designed to display a page will all the ranks available on your board, including special ranks with the list of active users, standard ranks with the number of active users.

Site link 1.0.0

Change the index nav sentence to add the site link in front of it.

Categories Hierarchy 1.0

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the features coming with CH 2.1.0 :

Cache phpBB version in ACP 1.0.0

This mod will prevent the admin index to verify at each hit the last phpBB version number, but only once a day. You can also ask a check at any time.

Last topic from 1.0.2

This mod will allow to display on viewprofile the last topics :

Topic display order 1.0.2

This mod add a sort box at the bottom of the viewforum, allowing to sort topics per title, author, time, and of course last reply . A default value can be set in the ACP for each forum.

Run stats 1.0.2

This mod will display SQL details and page generation time stats.

PM threshold 1.0.0

This mod adds a minimal amount of posts before allowing a user to use the private messages. This amount can be sat in the ACP/general config

Group ModeratorZ 1.0.2

This mod allows to have more than one moderator to a group.