Super optimized also_purchased_products module scranmer


Skip checkout_payment.php when goods value is ZERO 1.0

This is useful, for example, when you want to have orders for free catalogues.

Vat free shipping on zero rated goods 1.0

if you send out manuals & items, items are VAT rated but manuals are ZERO rated. A mixed order means VAT is to be charged on the shipping but if you just send out manuals, then this order should be charged shipping net of VAT.
This should ...

Popup with correct resize 2.1

After finding that the popup does not resize correctly because of the statubar not being hidden anymore I hunted down and created another facility (see here). Attached is another new version of the popup_image page (based on osc2.2MS2 page), ...

Sort "Order Total Modules" in admin 1.0

Although not tested with every available contribution, this will work with any installed order total modular as long at it follows the oSC naming policy of creating the file as {name}.php & the configuration_key as ...