TV show remote control JavaScript Kit

JavaScript Kit

Dynamic Combo Box 1.0

This robust combo (drop down menu) can handle the workload of many links.

Cool Table Menu 1.0

Add flare to your menu with Clarence's navigational script!

Home hot key 1.0

The script can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Bread crumb script 1.0

This script displays on any page a "trail" (aka bread crumb) of where the viewer is currently at in relationship to the rest of the site.
It does so by examining the directories that prefix the page, and displaying this containership ...

Random link plus textual description 1.0

Random link plus textual description script will display not just a random link, but corresponding title and textual description.
The script is very easy to install: its code must be introduced in the document body. It is cross browser ...

Dolphin Tabs Menu 1.0

This is a CSS based, search engine friendly Tabs Menu that supports a second horizontal level when the mouse rolls over one of the tabs. The interface is based on the excellent Dolphin Menu. Dynamically specify which tab should be selected ...

Two level horizontal tab menu 1.0

This is a CSS based tab menu that supports a secondary level of menu items

2-level combo box 1.0

The combo box appearance can be customized by altering the corresponding code.

Confirmation box 1.0

It is compatible with all modern web browsers.

CSS Horizontal List Menu 1.0

This script generates a lean CSS horizontal menu. The markup is entirely based on an ordinary HTML list, with support for 1 level of nested lists.
The nested lists are transformed into 2nd level drop down menus that appears dynamically ...

Ticker Tape II 1.0

Ticker Tape II is a very cool and efficient Java ticker tape that scrolls text from left to right. It is clickable, so links can be added inside the tape.
The script is higly configurable and easy to implement into your website. It ...

Drop down Panel script 1.0

Drop Down Panel adds a pull down panel to the top of your page that contains external content fetched via Ajax. Visitors click on the protruding button to cause the panel to drop down and reveal its content.
Clicking anywhere on the ...

Follow Link Upon Mouseover 1.0

Follow Link Upon Mouseover is a script that causes a link to be "followed" as soon as the surfer moves the mouse over it (as opposed to clicking it).
This script is compatible with all web browsers JavaScript enabled. It contains only one ...

Count down then redirect to new page 1.0

Occasionally, you may wish to have a redirect page that pauses for a few seconds before sending the visitor off to the destination.
For example, there may be important text on the redirect page you wish the visitor to get a chance to ...

Animated Information Bar 1.0

This script mimics the interface of the IE ActiveX information bar that slides into view from the top of the browser in displaying information to your visitors in a eye catching way!
The bar slides in view and remains static on the ...

Animated Random Option Combo 1.0

This is a unique combo menu script that lets the user make a URL selection in two ways:

DHTML Select Menu 1.0

This script transforms ordinary SELECT elements on your page into custom DHTML drop down menus instead.
The end result is a custom looking navigation menu based entirely on the SELECT menu's HTML. The original HTML is untouched as the ...

N-level Context menu 1.0

This is a versatile context (right click) menu script that supports multiple levels of submenus! Script requires IE to work, though degrades well with others.
It can be implemented in any existing web page and is very easy to customize ...

Jumpy Combo Link Box 1.0

It provides compatibility with all browsers that have Javascript support enabled.

Combo Box with "open in alternate window" 1.0

The script can be implemented as navigation system for any website or web page.