Thread-safe caching object and HTTP implementation Nicolas Lehuen

Nicolas Lehuen

An interval mapping data structure 1.2

This structure is a kind of dictionary which allows you to map data intervals to values.

Asynchronous port forwarding 1.1

This script forward the TCP traffic from your machine to another host, and back in the the other way. It uses asynchronous socket thanks to ye olde asyncore module, which was used by Zope up until recently (they integrated the Twisted ...

Sorting big files 1.5

This script can be used to sort big files (much bigger than the available RAM) according to a key.

pushxml 0.6.0

This XML parser uses the standard XML SAX parser (which in turn uses expat) to provide a SimpleXML-like data model in a streaming fashion. This way, you get the benefit of an in-memory model without having to load a whole document in memory. ...

Read tabular data from Excel spreadsheets 1.2

Sometimes you get an Excel spreadsheet (say, from the marketing departement) and you want to read tabular data from it (i.e. a line with column headers and lines of data). There are many ways to do this (including ODBC mxODBC), but the ...