Time Arieh Glazer

Arieh Glazer

MooStorage 1.1

Most important functions of MooStorage:

Class.def 1.1.1

· JavaScript enabled on client side

MooTreeAcordion 1.8

The accordion is an stylized and animated unordered list.

FunctionStack 1.3

Most important functions of FunctionStack:


It supplies an interface for creating keyboard and mouse accessible drop-down menus.

MooIE6Update 1.4.1

· JavaScript enabled on client side

DateRange 1.0

The user can see if a data is between the range or not.

Event:once 1.0

It adds an ':once' suffix and functionality to event names.

ARIAMessager 1.0

It will notify a screen reader that a certain part of the page was modified/updated.

TimeObserver 0.1

Applications that need to fire reminders will find this useful.

Function.instantiate 1.0

The class can be used in two ways.

HistoryManager 1.0

Most important functions of HistoryManager:

ThumbsSlides 1.0.1b

Back and forward buttons can be added to the carousel.

Moock 0.8.2

Moock supports stubbing, mocking and external text library integration.

SimpleCounter 0.3

The counter counts how much time remains/passed from a preset given date and time.

SLBox 1.1

SLBox stands for simple Lightbox.

FloatBox 1.3.1

Most important functions of FloatBox:

Autosave 0.7

The base Class is an empty interface, that does no saving / retrieving.

ScrollBar 0.5.4

Vertical and horizontal scroll bars are allowed.

H5Placeholder 1.1b

Of course, the plugin first checks for placeholder support.