Twitter Unfollower Script

Speed of Tweets - Twitter Script 1.0

If you could convert how frequently you tweet to MPH what would your speed be?!

Twitter Keyword Follower Script 1.1

Helps you find other tweeters

Twitter eCard Script 1.2

Send cool Twitter eCard to your friends

First Tweet Mini Twitter Script 1.0

Cute script shows users what their first tweet was!

Twitter Signature Generator 1.0

Creates 3 cool signatures, that update frequently with the users last posted tweet!

Who Has More Followers Twitter Script 1.0

Awesome script lets you try funny combos and see who has more followers, try Madonna vs Demi Moore!

Time Wasted on Twitter Script 1.0

Short and simple script tells users how much time they have wasted on twiter!

When Did You Join Twitter Script 1.0

This script will help you remember!