TwitterGetter Mark Percival

Mark Percival

RTurk 2.3.2

The pages could be a part of a rails app, or just a simple javascript enabled form.

Will It Dial 1.0.1

It works only with US numbers, but an international version is in the works.

Divining Rod 0.4.0

Ideal for web localization.

Simple Admin 1.0

The library has built-in methods for telling if a user is currently logged in and return the current authenticated user.
It is a database-less authentication system based on OpenID and can be used for admin logins, user bases and more.

Gibberish AES 1.0

The library uses its own Base64 library and MD5 hashing algorithm.

Four Bites AES 1.0.0

Most important functions of Four Bites AES:

gibberish-aes-ruby 1.0

It is a port of Alex Boussinet's Ruby-AES library, but with added support for SSL.

json-zips 1.0

The library has its own database of ZIP codes in JSON format stored remotely on Google Code.
It queries and retrieves the appropriate ZIP code, geographical coordinates, US state name, town name and region.