Uploader Lennart Groetzbach

Lennart Groetzbach

IPTracker 1.0

This is the abstract class for tracking visitor id.

PhpClasses 1.0

The retrieved information can be displayed in a HTML table.

Forms 0.5

Forms is a class for generating HTML forms.

FileDB 1.0

FileDB class allows you to easily store, display and send files from a database.

debugHelper 0.8

A class, that provides useful functions for daily programming tasks

quickSearch 1.0

This php class integrates various search engines into one entry form.

BookmarkParser 0.61

A class, to process Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera bookmarks.

Smileys 0.81

A class that parses a given text for smiley tags.

Metatags 0.5

Class to create HTML META tags.

UBBCode 1.2

A class that parses a given text for UBB bulletin board tags.

URLHelper 1.2

Class for accessing URLs and the HTTP data.

anyDB 1.2 Beta

A database abstraction layer that allows easy access to MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, SQLITE, ODBC and others