Usage of std::random_shuffle ( ) Xing


reserve( ) function 1.0

Function simply reserves space for container

sizeof array without using sizeof( ) operator 1.0

This is one of many possible ways to sizeof array without using sizeof( ) operator

Manipulators 1.0

Showing the usage of manipulators hex, oct, dec and endl.

integer to string conversion 1.0

Program uses std::ostringstream which is defined in sstream to convert integer to string.

Counting bits set in a number 1.0

Following program makes use of look up table to find the number of bits set in a number

getenv( ) for environment variable 1.0

Prototype: char *getenv (const char *env_name). To obtain specific information relating to file directories, contained in the environment list provided by the host environment, whose entry title matches the string pointed to by env_name.

Generic max function 1.0

Find maximum for all types

DOS Text File To Unix File 1.0

DOS Text File To Unix File - how to transform a dos text file into unix file

Stopping Output Window 1.0

Output windows remains open until you press enter.

EDOM 1.0

On a domain error, the function returns an implementation-defined value.

Input Validation in C 1.0

Code will check whether the number entered is integer or not.

stack using vector container 1.0

Following program makes a stack of const char * using vector as the underlying container

string to integer conversion 1.0

Program uses std::istringstream which is defined in sstream to convert string to integer.

Interchange between base 2 to 16 1.0

Following program converts the number from any base between 2-16 to any base between 2-16.

Finding Current Date and Time 1.0

This function is non-standard and may not work on every system.

C's qsort ( ) 1.0

C's qsort ( ) sorts a table of data.

Finding Maximum Using Variable Argument List 1.0

Program makes use of variable argument feature of C to find maximum of 10 integers.

Environment Variables snippets 1.0

The output will vary from system to system.

queue using default container deque 1.0

Following program makes a queue of const char * using deque as the underlying container(which is default container)