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Combo Box with "open in alternate window" 1.0

The script can be implemented as navigation system for any website or web page.

CSS Vertical List Menu 1.0

This script creates a lean CSS vertical menu. The markup is entirely based on an ordinary HTML list, with support for 1 level of nested lists.
The nested lists are transformed into 2nd level drop down menus that appears dynamically ...

Browser Reload Link 1.0

It is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Cool CSS Menu 1.0

This menu script displays a description of the link the mouse is currently over, gently brought into view.
The menu is styled entirely using CSS, even the color change during the mouseover, making the script lightweight and very easy to ...

View Page-Source Script 1.0

You can use this script to view the source of any html document easily. The script is easy to install: you just simply insert the code into any web page.
The script is very lightweight and provides compatibility with any web browser ...

Link of the day script 1.0

Link of the day script generates a "dynamic" link that goes to a different URL each day when clicked on, out of the 31 days (max) in a month.
The script is very easy to be customized. You must just enter 31 urls that you wish to go to ...

Folding Treeview Menu 1.0

This script is a versatile folding Treeview menu using YUI's treeview control. It lets you define a collapsible tree with support for arbitrary number of levels, plus the ability to make any node a link with it!
YUI may not be the ...

Always-visible combo box 1.0

This combo box menu never leaves the user's screen as it appears always in view (in IE7 , Opera 8 and Firefox that is).
Legacy browsers such as IE5 and IE6 will simply not see the menu at all. You can configure the location of the combo ...

Image Combo Link Box 1.0

Image Combo Link Box is a combo box that uses an image as the go button (instead of the standard form button).
The script can be customized in order to integrate the menu in your website navigation system. It is compatible with all ...

Double Combo 1.0

The script can be easily implemented in any website and customized to suit your needs.

Link of the month script 1.0

This is a simple enough script that displays a different link each month (out of 12 months). It is useful if you got an "employee of the month" link you wish to put up on your web site.
The script is compatible with all modern web ...

Super Random Link Generator 1.0

This is a super random link generator that creates a random link out of all of the links in a web page.
You can insert it into any page, and all of the links on that page are all considered when generating the random link to go to.

3D Spin Menu 1.0

3D Spin Menu creates a virtual "ring" of menu links whereby the user can manually select and rotate into view the desired link to go to.
This script works in IE and Mozilla while degrading well with older browsers (doesn't show itself). ...

URL jump box 1.0

Use this script to allow your surfers to go to a url by typing it inside a form box, and either pressing enter or the "Go!" button.
Why use a form box when there is a default location box on the top of your browser? Because the ...

Link Fader 1.0

This script will "fade" links on your page from their original colour to a different colour as the mouse moves over them.
This colour is customizable and can be any hex colour. The effect works in Opera5.x, Mozilla/Netscape6.x and IE. ...

Double Combo with Description 1.0

Double Combo with Description script is an advanced combo script that uses two boxes, one as the main categories, the other as the links associated with each category.
It adds a twist to the conventional double combo, by providing a ...

Real Menu 1.0

Real Menu script replaces the default right click menu in IE5.5 with Real Menu. Animated into view, this menu supports both links and HTML (ie: images).
If you will right click anywhere on the page after the script installation (if ...

Dynamic Highlight link script 1.0

It provides you a great way to add emphasis to particular links on your site!

Pop-under window 1.0

Pop-under windows are becoming increasing popular as a less intrusive alternative to popup windows. Use this script to add a pop-under window to your page; simply input the page/address to pop under, and off you go!
You can control the ...

Email Me button 1.0

The script can be easily customized and integrated into your own applications.