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JavaScript Kit

Ultimate Age Calculator 1.0

Ultimate Age Calculator displays the age of any person or past event, in a variety of units.

The Love Test 1.0

The Love Test javascript harnesses the psychic aspects of the language to determine your compatibility -romance wise- with another person, based on each other's names.

Bandwidth Calculator 1.0

Confused about the various units used to calculate bandwidth, and their equivalent in another unit?
Use this bandwidth calculator to instantly figure it out! Just enter a number, select the unit of input, and this script shows its ...

Random Banner script 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

Random Password Generator Javascript 1.0

Random Password Generator Javascript randomly creates a password of any specified length using alphabetic and numeric input.

Gate Keeper 1.0

It uses Javascript and can be easily implemented into your web pages.

Events Calendar Javascript 1.0

This is an Events Calendar script that, along with the current month calendar, displays important events for specific dates.
When you click on a relevant date, and a description of the event associated with it is shown. The events are ...

Custom JavaScript error box 1.0

Don't you just hate the default, intrusive JavaScript error message box that pops up when the browser runs into a scripting error? Why not replace it something less annoying?
This script when added to the HEAD section of your page, will ...

Random quote in form box 1.0

It is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Greetings Script 1.0

This is a script that prompts the surfer to enter his/her name, and depending on the time of the day, greets the surfer with an appropriate saying.
The script is compatible with all modern web browsers and can be integrated in any ...

Popup progress bar 1.0

-Works in NS6 as well (default is IE4 and NS4)

Surfer greeter 1.0

It is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Random motivational quotes 1.0

This script displays a random motivational quote on your site, out of 30.

"Things to Ponder" Quotes 1.0

Let your visitors ponder the meaning behind random quotes of "wisdom" with this fun script. It comes with a list of over 200 quotes, displayed randomly each time the page loads.
The script is compatible with all modern web browsers and ...

JavaScript Graph-it 1.0

JavaScript Graph-it helps you to create graphs out of raw data.

Check required elements 1.0

If Javascript is not enabled in web browser, the form validation will not take place.

Validate Date Field 1.0

The integration of this script in your own form is very easy.

Enforce max # of characters in form element 1.0

Put a cap on the amount of characters certain form fields of your form accept, by using this useful script. Once the limit has been reached, typing within the field in question has no effect.
This script is very easy to install or ...

Double-enter form field script 1.0

2) More importantly, that the two inputs are identical.

Current date in form 1.0

If you have a "Today's Date" field in your form, why not let JavaScript automatically fill it in for your visitors?
This script is easily configurable to show the date in desired order of month, day, and year. It is compatible with all ...