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JavaScript Kit

Form2PopUp script 1.0

Instead, a customizable pop up window is launched containing the destination page.

Clear default form value script 1.0

This script can be used to automatically clear the default value of any form input field when the mouse sets focus on it.
Default input values are often used to aid in the explanation of the field's function or expected input, but become ...

Block multiple form submission 1.0

The result is partial or multiple submissions

Select-all form element script 1.0

This script allows you to add a "select all" feature to your form textarea, whereby visitors can easily highlight the containing content with a click on a link.
The script is compatible with all modern web browsers and can be easily ...

Menu Swapper 1.0

This JavaScript code moves form elements from one select box to the other. It allows for multiple items to be moved at once, and all items are sorted alphabetically as they are moved.
The items are sorted by their description, not their ...

Word Count Javascript 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers having Javascript enabled.

Parse number to currency format 1.0

In other words, a number in two-decimal format, with an optional dollar sign in front.

Max # of characters check 1.0

The form validation occurs after the user presses the submit button.

Auto clear form element 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers Javascript enabled.

Loose Email Address Check 1.0

The script is compatible with all modern web browsers.

Max # of words check 1.0

The validation occurs after the user presses the submit button.

Tell-a-friend Javascript 1.0

Let visitors refer others to your webpage (via email) with this script! It asks for the friend's email address, then loads the email program with the essential information pre-filled to instantly send off.
The script is easy to integrate ...

Manual Email check 1.0

Often times in a form, the single most important field is the email address field. If a user inadvertently enters an incorrect address, the method of contact between you and the user is cut off.
This is a script that forces the user to ...

Data Sorter 1.0

This is a script we created which primary use is actually not on a webpage, but on your hard drive.
It is a data sorter that sorts data entered into a text box either into alphabetical or numerical order. The script is compatible with any ...

Ajax Page Fetcher 1.0

The script parameters are:

JavaScript Creator 1.0

Don't know JavaScript? Let this JavaScript create some common JavaScript applications for you!
JavaScript Creator will make custom Javascript code automatically. It contains generators for the common elements used in Javascript ...

JavaScript Error Stopper 1.0

JavaScript Error Stopper is a script that, when inserted in any document, suppresses all (potential) JavaScript errors from popping up.
Assuming that you inserted the JavaScripts error stopper into a page, and that page also contains a ...

Page cache buster 1.0

Browsers use page caching to some degree to allow pages to load faster after the first visit.
In order to ensure that your surfers are always viewing the most recent copy of the page, this Javascript code should be used.
It turns ...

Content Tabs script 

Use this script to divide long content on your page into "virtual" sections and viewable via tabs.