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Valid Link 1.0

Valid Link checks to see if a link is valid before you publish it on your web page.

MySQL to Excel 1.0

MySQL to Excel will turn your mysql DB into an excel file.

Random Image Generator 1.0

The function will search the directory for all images that are allowed

"Go Back" frame to external Links 1.0

"Go Back" frame to external Links script allows you to not lose your website visitors when they link out of your website. A short frame with "Back To My Site" and "Remove Frame" will be added to the top of any external URL link.

Evaluate string as PHP 1.0

Evaluate string as PHP - Evaluate a string of code as PHP.

Alphanumeric tester 1.0

Alphanumeric tester script allows you to test a string to see if it is alpha-numeric.

File Upload snippet 1.0

File Upload is an easy file upload script

Check Filesize 1.0

Check Filesize - Gets the filesize of a file that is not located on your server.

Daily MySQL backup 1.0

Daily MySQL backup will backup your MySQL db to a tar.gz file and email that file to a specified email address.

Whois Lookup 2.0

Easily added support for more domain registries.

Last page update 1.0

Last page update code allows you to easily display the last time your file was last updated.

Random File Grabber 1.0

Works around open_basedir restrictions.

snippet File upload 1.0

snippet File upload is a simple file upload class.

PayPal Automated payments 1.0

PayPal Automated payments script provides you an automated way to make payments via paypal.

Convert bytes to Mb, Kb, Gb 1.0

function ConvertSize($fs)

Create DBfile 1.0

Create DBfile script allows you to create a database file.

Change File Extensions 1.0

Change File Extensions scans a directory and changes a file's extension.

Page Load Speed 1.0

Page Load Speed - Displays the time it took for a page to be generated.

Write to file snippet 1.0

Write to file tells the function to write the string stored in the variable $outputstring to the file defined in $fp.

File Search 1.0

File Search allows your script to search through a directory tree for a file. The search is depth first. The fully qualified file name is returned if the file is found.