VeryInteresting Loan Payment Calculator Scripts for Educators

Scripts for Educators

VocabSearch 2.0.2

A simple vocabulary add and lookup script

SillyCount 1.0

Generate a custom counter script for your page.

MakeBook 3.1

Guestbook, ongoing story, email form, etc.

SFESurvey 2.0

Multiple-choice weighted survey/quiz/test generator.

QuizTest 3.0.31

Online student quiz/test program with result emailing and record keeping features.

RandomQuiz 2.1beta

CGI & Perl Tests & Quizzes from Hot Scripts.

Quotesie v1.0

Simple random quote/verse/whatever generator.

GradeORama 1.0.8

Online gradebook server

HeadCount 1.0.1

A simple headcount/attendance script

Votesie 1.1.1

Run multiple polls quickly and easily.

SFELinkAdd 1.0.1

Very simple "add a link" script

Web-B-Mail 3.0

A self-contained web-based message system.

RemindMe! 3.0.14

Email auto-reminder service

MetaboCalc 1.0

Simple metabolism calculator

Quadratic-O-Matic 1.0

Simple web-based quadratic equation solver

SFEBMIcalc 1.0

Perl/CGI Body Mass Index calculator

SFEBanner 1.0

A very simple affiliate banner rotation script

Chat-N-Time 2.9.8

A simple Perl real-time chat CGI script for the Web.

SFEChat 1.1

Single-room multi-user chat script

AddrBook 1.0.10

Web-based address book with an admin control panel.