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JCE Consulting Inc.

eBay RSS Store 1.0

eBay RSS Store script is now complete and available for download.

PowerFeed 1.0

- Generate a MySQL database with full inserts from your datafeeds.

Shareasale Script 1.0

· PHP Version 4.4.1 or greater

Overstock script 1.0

- Supports PHP 4.4.1 or greater (no database required)

XML to Array Script 1.0

The XML to Array PHP script takes the hard work out of constantly developing custom PHP code to parse an XML document.
A simple call the the XML to Array function with the appropriate repeating level will call your user defined function ...

PHP Calendars Script 1.0

- Requires PHP 4.4.1 or greater and one MySQL database.

XML 2 Array 1.1

The XML 2 array script makes parsing any XML document simple

Shareasale Script (SASS) 3.0

Import and display product data feeds from

Auction RSS Script 2.0

Develop a targeted, keyword rich, and content rich web site based on any eBay category

Affiliate Master - Datafeed to Store conversion V2.0

Affiliate master takes datafeeds of almost any format and imports them into a store with ease!

PHP Calendars Affiliate Script V1.0

PHP Affiliate Script

Overstock XML Feed 1.6

Display product data from the Overstock XML datafeed

SearchFeed feed parser 1.0

Display advertizing data from

ValidClick feed processer 

Parse and display feeds from ValidClick

Affiliate Master Datafeed 1.0

- Supports multiple datafeed formats using our own PowerFeed script.

PHP Articles 1.0

Automated Article publication on your site

PHP Album 1.0

PHP Album will display a directory of images easily

Searchfeed Script 1.0

· PHP Version 4.4.1 or greater

ValidClick 1.0

· PHP Version 4.4.1 or greater

PowerFeed DataFeed conversion script V1.0

PowerFeed transforms your sequential datafeeds to MySQL statements