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Harish Chauhan
12 1.0

Most of FTP commands are implemented by this class. It supports:

Resize Images 1.0

This is a simple class that can resize an image of any format supported by the PHP GD library extension.
It can resize an image give its target size values in absolute pixel values or by specifying the size values as a percentage.
In ...

HTML to DOC classes 1.0

This class can be used to convert HTML pages into Microsoft Word documents in the XML format.
It can parse a HTML document given as a HTML data string or a page URL. Then it extracts the HTML document header and body and rewrite it with a ...

Har DB Classes 1.0

This package provides two classes that implement the same database abstraction interface for accessing either Microsoft Access databases and other databases via ODBC.
The class for accessing Microsoft Access databases uses Window COM ...

Currency Converter classes 1.0

This class can convert money amounts from one currency to another.

Image Rotator classes 1.0

This class can pick a random file from a directory. Despite it can be used for displaying rotating banner images, it can be used to randomly pick an other type of file.
The class can traverse a given directory to retrieve all files of a ...

Access Counter classes 1.0

This is a simple class that can keep track of page accesses by storing the number of user accesses in server side files.
The class can store the access counts of multiple pages of a site in single file. That file contains a serialized ...

MySql & SQLite database classes 1.0

This package provides two classes that implement the same database access interface for both MySQL and SQLite.
It may be useful if you want to support both types of databases in your application or plan to migrate between MySQL and SQLite ...

Validations 1.0

Currently it implements the following validation rules:

sms classes 1.0

This class can be used to send SMS messages using the OperaTelecom Web services API. 1.0

This is a class for managing files uploaded via Web forms.

IMAP 1.0

It provides functions for:

mysql_dump 1.0

It can also restore a database from SQL commands generated by the backup process.

PSIGate classes 1.0

This class can process payment transaction requests using the PSIGate payments gateway.

Paging Easy 1.0

This is a class for generating HTML links to navigate MySQL database query result listings split over multiple pages.
It takes as parameters the total number of rows in MySQL database query result set, the limit number of rows to display ...

MySql To Excel class 1.0

This class is used for exporting the data from a MySql to spreadsheet files in the Excel format.
The class executes a given database query and extract the result set data to generate the Excel spreadsheet.
The generated Excel ...

HTML to PDF 1.0

The converted PDF document may be stored as a local file or served for download.

Excel Writer 1.0

This class can generate spreadsheet files in the .xls XML format used by the latest versions of Microsoft Excel.
The class can generate spreadsheet files writing a whole rows at once, or individual row cells one at a time.

Mail MIME Decode 1.0

This class can parse and decode MIME e-mail messages.

Chat Class 1.0

This class can be used to implement multiple chat rooms that users can access and talk with everybody in the same rooms.
It uses files to store the dialog lines that are redistributed to every user in a same chat room.
It can create ...