aqStamp Paul Pham

Paul Pham

aqString 2.0

The plugin needs a string as input to work.

aqCookie 1.1

It can also remove the named cookie by setting it to a date that is long past.

cloudinizr 1.1

Most important functions of cloudinizr:

submit13 1.0

Not all IE browsers send the form data when the user presses the ENTER key.

color 1.0

· JavaScript enabled on client side

aqFilters 1.1.1

· JavaScript enabled on client side

linerizr 1.0

It can be used to help users read long code blocks.

aqColumns 1.0

Most important functions of aqColumns:

aqMenu 2.0

Very easy to setup, the menu can be embedded anywhere in a page.

aqPaging 2.0

Most important functions of aqPaging:

aqDropMenu 1.0

The plugin automates all the tasks for creating a drop-down menu.

backstretcher 1.0

Backstretcher calculates the size of an image and shows it in the background of a DIV.

desktopify 1.1

Most important functions of desktopify:

aqLayer 2.0

It's main advantage consists of the small code footprint and ease of use.

aqTip 1.1

Hovering the mouse over a page element will display the tip box.

aqFloater 1.3

The notification can be displayed in various positions.

vertigro 1.2.1

A character limit can optionally be added to the textarea.

boxify 1.2

The plugin can be used to custom style the input/textarea boxes.

tabable 1.0

The tab length can be customized.

cursorat 1.0

It can move the cursor to a position or highlight words inside the textarea.