flashTimer FFF Web Media Inc.

FFF Web Media Inc.

flashTexteditorSuite 1.0

- Text formatting using CSS for speed, simplicity and consistency

rssReader 1.0

Features:- Support RSS versions 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0 (RDF), 2.0

flipNavigation 1.0

Key Features:- Content can be external images, SWFs or library symbols

3DMenu 1.0

- Menu items can be any movie clip or an external image when using the XML option

ultimateScroller 1.0

Features:- Scroll any movie clip

gridNavigation 1.0

- Built-in blur effect for smooth transitions from low res to high res content

uniLoader 1.0

Key Features:- Preload root movie, external SWFs, images or XML files

photoFlow 1.0

- Adjustable flip speed, spacing between stacked images and image size

flvPlayerPRO 1.0

- Fully skinnable background and controls

3DEnvironment 1.0

Features:- Create realistic 3D environments with depth and perspective

randomLines 1.0

You can also add your own custom mask.

Flash colorPicker 1.0

- Custom palettes are saved to the users' workstations using Flash's Shared Objects

multicolumnTextfield 1.0

- Supports use of pixel fonts

dndList 1.0

Drag and drop items between lists

advancedLoader 1.0

Features:- Load external, library images or SWF files without any coding

scrollMenu 1.0

Choice of menu effects

advancedTree 1.0

Externally updatabale through XML

mdiContainer 1.0

Add windows with local or external content

imageLoader 1.0

Load JPEGs or SWFs

hotFlashVideo 1.0

Author all within Flash