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matlab mep 1.0

begin = [b1 b2 ... bN]

rude 1.0

- cells with any contents

enum 1.0

ENUM creates an enumerating vector from a list of terminators N(1:n)

Translate characters to web safe codes 1.0

Free online tool, converts entered characters into the equivalent ASCII codes, as usable with HTML. The output can be used directly on web pages, so useful where special characters are required.

Comparing two JVM cacert files 1.0

This can come in very handy, if you need to compare 2 different projects or envs

Perl Storable Module 1.0

Came across the following challenge this week, how do I easily persist data between two independent UNIX sessions. Usually I’d store data in a db or maybe ldap, but I only want to keep maybe a days worth and on multiple servers. In this ...

Base64 URLEncode and more data transformation 1.0

Data transformation tool for Base64 encode or decode; URL encode or decode; htmlentities; addslashes - plus an 'all' option, which is good for comparing.

Create vertical image labels 1.0

See the code or use the tool.

Superimpose text over blank image 1.0

Useful PHP tool to create an image with superimposed text

Scrape Web Site - Create Graph or Chart 1.0

Free Online Tool - scrapes web site and produces graph

Free Online Graphing Tool 1.0

Code takes parameters and generates a graph

PHP and AJAX tool to transform text 1

Free online tool to perform data encoding.

Step by step howto - display a warning before leaving site 1

Sometimes it is an audit requirement to let customers know a link is off your site

Free Online Encryption Interface 1

Free online tool, enter your password, then enter your text and select make secret.

epoch offset generation and conversion online tool 1.0

generate epoch offset for a given date or convert from epoch to date

Using openssl s_client to show cert expiry 1

Code connects to the given site and shows site expiry dates

Free online dictionary to spell check your documents 

Type your search words into the interface

isfun 1.0

res = isfun(arg1,arg2,'-opt',...,argN,'-opt')

str2cell 1.0

c = str2cell(v,delim[s])

isrow iscol 1.0

the names say it all... really