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XSL Editor 1.0

XSL Editor is a visual XSL Stylesheet Editor that combines the ease of a WYSIWYG tool with the power of XSLT.

XML Schema Quality Checker 2.1

XML Schema Quality Checker is a program which takes as input an XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language and diagnoses improper uses of the schema language.
Where the appropriate action to correct the schema is not obvious, the ...

Direct Web Remoting 1.0

With DWR (Direct Web Remoting), the developer can eliminate all of the machinery of the Ajax request-response cycle from an application code.
Using this methods will eliminate XMLHTTP requests objects or dealing with a server response ...

XML Security Suite 1.0

XML Security Suite provides security features such as digital signature, encryption, and access control for XML documents.
XML Security Suite contibuted to the standardization process of DOMHASH, XML-Signature, XML-Encryption, and XACML. ...

XML Processing Plus Plus 1.0

XML Processing Plus Plus is a simple and powerful XML processing language:

IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer 1.0

IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer is a typesetting and display engine that implements the XSL FO language for typesetting, printing, or displaying any written language.
The XFC code is incorporated into XML2AFP and XML2PDF transforms ...