imGoogleMaps Les Green

Les Green

imList 1.0

The data is read from a JSON object.

imPagePopulate 1.0

On page load, it will write user preset data inside a page section.

imSliderMenu 0.5

Clicking the next will close the previous panel and expand the new one.

imAnimTabber 1.0

Clicking on one of the tabs will drop-down a hidden panel with additional content.

gpFlashGallery 1.0

Most important functions of gpFlashGallery:

gpDojoGallery 1.0

Image lists are retrieved using AJAX from a JSON config object.

gpDojoPortfolio 1.0

Most important functions of gpDojoPortfolio:

imBannerRotater 1.1

Most important functions of imBannerRotater:

imBookFlip 0.6

It is a jQuery port of more advanced Flash page flip animations.

imProgressBar 0.5

It can be displayed either as a popup or as an inline HTML element.

gpAS3Library 1.0

This is a developer's tool, not intended for the general audience.

imInputCal 0.5

· JavaScript enabled on client side

ui.imFeedBack 0.5.1

Clicking it will make a side panel expand.

imRichEditor 0.5

· JavaScript enabled on client side

imValidateForm 1.2

It checks for required fields and compares the inputted data against a set of rules.