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jClientUpload 1.9.3

- It could be integrated in any application. Deployment is fast and easy.

UploadBean 1.9

- Engines :

Typo 1.0

This servlet builds GIF image from a bitmap font file (.ffi) and user text.

Easy Filter Applet 1.0

Users can interact with filter's parameters in real time !!

jlGui player Applet 2.3.2a

Basic parameters :

MP3 TinyPlayer 1.2

- audioURL : Name of the MP3 file to play.

PlasmaX Applet 1.1

PlasmaX Applet is a Plasma based Applet (100% Real Time). And it's free.

WaveScroll 3.4

WaveScroll creates a wave effect to a given text.

Download4J 1.3

Download4J is a JAVA™ component (Servlet JavaBean) that allows to download files.
This component could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. You can download files from any Folders, ZIP archives or Databases. You can ...

XMLtoANY 1.0

XML source could be local or remote (i.e : from a content-provider).

jMailComposer 1.2

jMailComposer is a JAVA/J2EE™ component that allows to send emails from JSP front-end. It supports to, replyto, cc, bcc email addresses and personal names.
It provides message priority, return-receipt and file attachments. This ...

J-Ads 2.1.3

This is a "roller banner" based Applet. It allows to display many classic banners in the same 468x60 screen. J-Ads is easy to install on your web page.
You just have to fill basic parameters for a simple use. Extra parameters like ...

jzChat 1.12

- Full HTML/JavaScript (No Applet), so no problems with browser support.

VorbisSPI 1.0.2

It supports icecast streaming

JLayer 1.0

JLayer is a MP3 decoder/player/converter library for Java™ platform.

MP3SPI 1.9.4

MP3SPI is a Java Service Provider Interface that adds MP3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3) audio format support for Java Platform.
It supports streaming, ID3v2 frames, Equalizer, .... It is based on JLayer and Tritonus Java libraries.