mossmilies DJesus


MosCredits 1.0

List all Authors Modules, Components and Mambots in your Mambo Installation using the tag {moscredits}.

Bookmarks 1.0

Can be used for links directory.

MosBookmarks 1.0

Allow to display some links in a in the content items.

Search Bookmarks 1.0

Search Bookmarks allows Searching of Bookmarks Component.

List Bookmarks 1.0

List Bookmarks - Display Bookmarks Lists (By Categories)

List Cat Bookmarks 1.0

List Cat Bookmarks - Display Bookmarks Categories Lists

Best Bookmarks module 1.0

Display Best Bookmarks (Best Hits, Last Added, Best Rating and Random)

Visitors Counter 2.0

Display settings and design can be changed through the backend and the CSS files.

joomla Bookmarks Module 2.7_2i

The module can be duplicated for different results showing links from categories like Popular, Top rated, Last Added, Random, etc..

MyLinks 1.2

MyLinks will provide a way to visitors (Registered users) to store their favorites local links into a "basket" to allow them to easily go back to key parts of the site.
You will need to install the Component (for back-end managment) and ...

MosBookmarks-spanish 1.0

Spanish Language files for MosBookmarks

Bookmarksmod 1.0

Web links repository with multi-categories and levels assignment, really more powerfull and highly cutsomisable than the Mambo built-in WebLinks component.

Count Bookmarks 1.0

Show the number of categories and Bookmarks

NewsFlash Scroller module 1.0

Shows NewsFlash into a scroller (dhtml)