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.netCART is a full featured ASP.NET shopping cart and ...

. netcart is a full featured ASP. NET shopping cart and ecommerce component. This product provides a complete ecommerce solution for ASP. NET, enabling you to create a full featured store for your online presence.
Building on years of industry experience and real world client suggestions from commercial ecommerce solutions deployed since 1998, . netCART gives you the tools you need to meet the ever changing demands of the ecommerce marketplace. . netCART provides both a clean development environment for you, and an intuitive shopping experience for your customers.
. netCART was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the specific features of ASP. NET and the . NET framework. Completed with managed code and developed in C#, sample stores are provided for both C# and VB. NET developers. . netCART is more than a shopping cart and provides a comprehensive, high performance, ecommerce framework
Product Features:
- ASP. NET shopping cart designed from the ground up for . NET.
- Unlimited number of items and categories
- Unlimited number of item specific options e. g. size, color etc
- Items can belong to more than one category
- Categories can contain both subcategories and items at the same time
- Categories with a large number of items or sub-categories can be paged through independently. In fact, for a given category you can be at any given page of the subcategory listings and any given page in the items listings.
- Customers can search on a variety of item or category and return a complete result set which they can page through
- Multiple item additions are supported at the same time
- Modify item options as they are being added to the cart
- Modify item options after they have been added to the cart
- Option choices can each have their own weight and price adjustment
- Set different shipping addresses on a per item basis
- Customer details can be acquired in any order, over any number of pages
- Unique one step ordering allows for a typical multi-page checkout in a single page
- Both customer login and login free, transparent account signup are supported
- Flexible cart displays allows you to choose which columns are included, what order they appear in and what headers are used.
- Cart headers can optionally be set to images rather than text
- Cart items can be updated through a variety of options including checkbox where all checked items are removed when the cart is updated
- Item quantities can also be adjusted through image buttons (add, subtract, remove) for adding a given quantity, removing a given quantity, or removing the item all together. The specific quantities these options increment by can be set to any interval.
- Tool Tips can be defined for all image buttons, these are displayed when an user pauses over an image button.
- Update buttons can be set on a per cart or per item basis and can be set to a traditional form button or custom image and included in any cart column
- Total control on the cart style - colors, format, fonts etc can be set for the cart as a whole, for each item, alternating item, header, and footer
- Cart grid lines (horizontal or vertical) can be controlled independently for inclusion, style, color and more.
- The cart can be displayed in two main modes, edit and display. Edit mode allows for options, and quantity to be adjusted and provides update options. Display mode is for summary or invoice pages where the data is read-only
- Supports "mini" cart displays for side navigation or permanent display within the store
- Adjustments: pricing can be adjusted based on quantity or dollar ranges by a fixed amount or percentage for any given item or the cart as a whole
- Powerful tax system, supports any number of custom taxes at any level, US with multiple offices in many states, Canada with GST / HST / PST, VAT, and special rules are all simply handled. Bottle deposit, per item anomalies, tax free items etc
- Encryption and decryption support and hashing for credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information is seamlessly integrated
- Automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing for mini cart image, thumbnails, detail view, and main image from a single original upload
- Image generation can be enabled or disabled on a per image basis and supports advanced features including auto cropping, borders, padding, proportional scaling and more
- Browser based multiple file upload support
- Complete email sending facilities including attachment support, STMP authentication, email validation and more
- Combining the built in email, encryption, and save cart support . netCART can easily be configured to securely send complete order information via an encrypted email attachment. An OrderViewer desktop application is provided which will enable any windows desktop to decrypt and view back order details in XML or transform the results into plain text for printing or copy / paste into any other desktop application. Of course complete web based order administration is provided as well but for those that wish to have the simplicity of getting complete orders direct via email . netCART provides the power and flexibility to meet your specific ecommerce needs.
- Complete tools class expose useful tools used internally by . netCART including image manipulation, thumbnailing, uploading, unique ID generation, and more.
- Flexible option edit and display handling allows for different modes including value only, name and value, editable value, or name and editable value. Unique in cart editing does not require your customers to return to item pages to change sizes, colors or other options.
- . netSHIP add-on support for seamless multi-carrier real-time rating and tracking. Automatically aggregate and rate separate packages to different shipping addresses within the same order in real-time. Supports rate failover and backup for real-time systems as well as algorithm based solutions with extensive customizable criteria. For example set free shipping based on a given order amount, quantity or weight or a special shipping rate, define free shipping or any special rate on a State / Province or Country basis etc.
- . netCHARGE add-on support offers seamless real-time payment processing with more than twenty different gateways. Switch gateways with no major changes, in many cases changing your gateway choice, login and password is all that is required. Supports complete integration and authorize / post authorize transaction handing when items are first authorized and then post authorized when shipped. NEW: native processor support allows you to bypass gateway fees. Native PayPal integration and samples provide simple payment processing for small merchants and a seamless upgrade path to one of 25 support payment processors / gateways. New processors / gateways added!
- . netCURRENCY add-on support for integrated currency exchange, allow customers to browse the store in their own local currency with rates updated automatically. Currency preference is obtained automatically when customers login or can be selected for guest visitors who have not ordered / registered before
- Flexible cart storage, cookies are not required to maintain state.
- Cart data is stored in XML and can be handled in distributed / web farm environments with no special development required. Data can be passed to systems and servers distributed throughout the world, over session boundaries and to secure backend processing systems.
- Unique generic data access implementation allows for seamless switches between database back ends while maintaining the most efficient mechanisms specific to the database in question. You can start your store with MS Access and scale to SQL server as your needs grow - yet SQL server access still utilizes the native SQL client facilities of . NET. This allows data access to be optimized for each RDMS while still providing a simple way to switch between systems
- Transactional database support for order saves to the database with automated rollback support.
- Caching offers major performance gains while ensuring that dynamic content is still fresh throughout the store. Output caching, fragment caching, application caching, and file based XML cache dependencies allow you to manage your data through any system you wish and be sure that changes are reflected as soon as required
- Powerful ASP. NET web controls provide a simple intuitive interface for using . netCART GUI elements
- Unique in memory object orientated cart provides complete flexibility with unlimited custom fields at each level - you can add and easily gain access to the data you need for your specific ecommerce implementation. Best of all there are no limitations on how or when you collect information from your customers giving you complete dataflow flexibility and support even 1 page stores including adding multiple items, billing, shipping, etc
- Comprehensive item display and management through a powerful catalog control. Set all formatting attributes as well as the number of elements to be displayed on a per item and per category basis. Independently page through category and item result sets from a given category or search and return to the exact details even page navigation when book marking. Multi-level hierarchy with intuitive navigation allows you to jump back to any category level at any time. Set styles for category listing header, category listing, alternating category listing, category footer, item header, items listing, alternating items listing, items footer, and item details. Support item additions from the category or items details views. Show options at the category or item details views. Add multiple items from any page or grouping of items or even a search result! Support adding an item and automatically populating full item options in the cart for subsequent adjustment within the cart. Total flexibility with simple, yet powerful customization through an extensive template system.
- Though first and foremost a developers component, . netCART also includes comprehensive administration functionality that can be used on its own or as a base for your own custom administration. Edit taxes, locations, images, buttons, view reports and much more all through a web interface.
- Extensive business graphing and detailed reporting system is included. Over 80 different reports allow you to visually see sales and customer data. Totally comprehensive with stunning visuals that must be seen, this feature remains unmatched in any ecommerce solution, on any platform.
- High end, turn key soft good delivery system allows for safe and secure sale of digital goods such as programs, files, databases, e-books etc. The system supports emailing soft good packages or providing specialized download links which allow only those who purchase to download the product. You can even control the number of times they can download along with a specific time period.
- Inventory control provides methods for decrementing inventory, you can even pass an entire cart contents to be decremented from inventory. Supplier and customer management functionality is also included in the administration system
- A unique fraud score implementation analyzes data inputs to determine high risk patterns and calculates a fraud score for each order. Store administrators can perform different actions based on fraud score values to help limit fraudulent orders and the associated cost and headaches.
- Integrated . netCOUNTRY functionality allows for country drop downs to automatically be selected to the users country based on their determined location. In addition, this feature is used in the fraud score system to determine if the indicated country matches the details provided checking against both browser settings and the users IP. Furthermore, this feature can be used to provide default currency selection
- Integrated . netBUTTON functionality provides dynamic image button generation with high end visuals - ideal for language customization.
- A language system is provided to enable customization of any language return by the system. In addition, a second language system is provided for you to provide your own codes should you wish to change script level language components on the fly between multiple customers
- Web analytics support is provided to ensure you get the most benefit from any promotional efforts for your store. A tracking control ensures that all users are identified and statistical reporting is provided to show sales by referrer for example. For the first time know the items, sales, orders and customers brought to you by various sites and even track individual promotions or ad campaigns
- A powerful coupon and gift certificate system is included. Supporting any number of coupons or gift certificates per cart the system can apply coupons as fixed amounts or percentages with formula support (dynamic coupons). Coupons may have a fixed quota (number of times they may be used), effective date range (fixed period of time when they can be used) and apply only to certain items or exempt certain items
- Intelligent catalog data bound menu and tree view listings for easy navigation of store categories and items
- The comprehensive feature list for . netCART continues to grow as the development team is hard at work bringing true innovation to the ecommerce marketplace. If you have a feature suggestion or comment please let us know!

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