optima Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Barnardextest 1.0

The test was first written by G. A. Barnard in two papers published in 1945 and 1947.

matrandbin 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

powerAOVI 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

MW1cdf 1.0

This procedure is highly recommended for sample sizes n1 and n2

acape 1.0

It needs to input the X,Y-data matrices and alpha-significance (default = 0.05).

acapewod 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

anfactpcwod 1.0

X_1 = b_11*F_1 b_12*F_2 ... b_1m*F_m e_1

powerMAOV1 1.0

MATLAB macro output the power of the performed MANOVA test.

RAFisher1 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

press 1.0

PRESS = i_Sum_n e_(i)^2 = i_Sum_n [y_i - ye_(i)]^2

Fisherextest 1.0

It needs to input the four frequency cells.

lofrtest 1.0

- single mean (one parameter)


There are three main questions to be answered on profile analysis:

power1var 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

AOV1 1.0

Computes the single-factor Analysis of Variance Model I or Model II for equal or unequal sample sizes.

RMAOV1 1.0

Total variability broken down into two components:

randbin 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

maov2 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11

moutlier1 1.0

X - multivariate data matrix.

Homvar 1.0

· MATLAB Release: R11