osCommerce Post Sales Survey Module Holbi


osCommerce Wishlist and Quotes Module 1.0

The administrator can alter the quote, add more products and change prices

osCommerce Marketing Prices Module 1.0

This module can be also described (marked) as:

osCommerce Marketing Newsletter Module 1.0

- Splits customers into groups

osCommerce External Shopping Cart 1.0

- Full Ecommerce functionality support

osCommerce Easy Checkout Module 1.0

- existing customer login / new customer registration facility

osCommerce B2B (Wholesale) System 1.0

- Supports multiple customer groups

Fine branded HTML Email Service 1.0

- Nicely design HTML emails are sent instead of plain text ones

Email template Module 1.0

- WYSIWYG editor to manage email templates

Dropshipping Module for osCommerce 1.0

- Dropshippers can order for their customers

Affiliate Module 1.0

- Supports affiliate registration

Affiliate EXTRA Module 1.0

- Supports affiliate registration

Referral and Sales Statistics Module 1.0

- Collects sales statistics in real time

United States Postal Service 1.0

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an agency of the United States government responsible for providing postal service in the United States; it is generally referred to within the United States as "the post office." Registration: ...

ParcelForce 1.0

No account with ParcelForce is required

Antispam for osCommerce Module 1.0

This module can be also described (marked) as:

DHL Austria module 1.0

DHL is 100% owned by Deutsche Post World Net.

PayPal IPN module 1.0

- PayPal ID (regular e-mail address).

Credit Card (La Caixa) 1.0

- Terminal Number

Federal Express 1.0

- Fedex Account Number