php Click Counter Big Lick Media

Big Lick Media

Floating Webpage Toolbar 3.0

The buttons and functionality can be modified as desired.

php Foto Flow 2.0

The slider uses Lightbox2 to display the full sized image.

Moving Clouds Flash Animation 4.0

It can accommodate a movie of up to 1086 pixels wide by 644 pixels height.

php File Manager 3.0

The script is available in several languages that can be installed as add-ons.

asp Digital Auto 4.0

It allows managing a database of vehicles through a intuitive interface.

php Site Recommender 3.0

The form's appearance can be easily modified through the included stylesheet.

php Content Editor 3.1

The publisher can easily be deployed in various locations throughout a website.

Yahoo! php Stock Widget 2.0

If you're seeking a simple stock quoter that displays the quote and the day's change, you will find this to be ideal. Simply copy/paste the script and add styles as desired.
It displays the quote and the stock change. There are multiple ...

Yahoo! php Weather Widget 2.0

The forecasts for the remainder of the day and the next day are provided.

php Mailing List 3.0

All the data is stored in plain-text files and not database engine is required.