phpFox 1.6

Operating systemsOS : Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
Program licensingScript Licensing : Commercial License - Leased License: price/month ($39.95)
CreatedCreated : Feb 21, 2008
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Program licensing
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Konsort comes fully packed with features for you as ...

Konsort comes fully packed with features for you as the admin and for your members as well.
Below we have split up Konsort in 4 categories from which you can view in detail what it fully offers to you and your members.
1. Modules - View Features
- Gallery
Members can share and display any of their images that they upload. Each image that is added can also be commented on by other members. Each user can select a specific group when they upload their images if they for example only want their friends to view their images or maybe not allow anyone else to see their images.
- Browse
Powerful search tool for members to find other members. One of the most used tools for members to meet other members and for your network to grow.
- Blogs
Everybody has got to have a blog today and with Konsort it gives your members the option to add blogs to their own personal profile, which also will be listed in the main "blog" section. This will allow other members to search other blogs and read up on what their friends are writing about.
- Forum
Community without a forum is not much of a community. One of the key building blocks to any large community is a forum where your members can get together and discuss certain topics that have been created by you or your admins.
- Rate
Images that are uploaded to the "gallery" section will also be added to the "rate" system. This system simply randomizes images when a user visits the section and allow them to rate on any image that comes up from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Fun to do and will surely bring your members back to your site for more.
- Battle
Much like the "rate" section this section gets images from the "gallery" module. Unlike the rate section this displays 2 random images and creates a face-off. Which will allow the user the chance to pick a winner of the 2 images. Each image is then added to the "battle" rank.
- Poll
Another fun section is the "poll" section. This allows your users the chance to create a poll and then allow other members the chance to answer on the poll.
- Groups
In larger communities this might be the most used module of all. This will allow your members to create a community within your large community. They will have their own forum, shoutbox, gallery, members page and main page.
- Classifieds
If your members are looking for a job or want to sell their services this is a great place for them to start.
- Quiz
Members can create and take a quiz created by other members. Much like the "poll" module but instead it allows your users to create a quiz with max 10 questions and will allow other members the chance to answer each of them. It also keeps track on quiz and allows the members that took the quiz the chance to view who got the most answers correct.
- Events
If members have an event like a party or birthday they can add it here so other members can reserve a spot to their party.
- Live Chat
Best way for your members to get in touch with each other is using the live chat.
- Instant Messenger
If your members would like to chat 1 on 1 with another member they can get on the IM to do so.
2. Members Area - View Features
- Account & Profile Settings
Personal information your members have such as their email or details about themselves they can edit at anytime using the easy to use account/profile system.
- Profile Picture
Your members can at anytime add or change their profile image which is displayed on their profile and on any item they add to the site such as blogs, comments etc. . .
- Design My Profile
This advanced easy to use tool gives your members the ease to modify their profiles. They can change the entire color layout by simply selecting colors from a pallet and even upload a background image for their profile without any knowledge of CSS or HTML. Plus users can also add CSS code if they really want to pimp their profiles.
- Theme Changer
The software comes with a system where you can have as many different themes as you want on your site. You can select 1 main default theme and then give your users the chance to select any other themes you have added to your site.
- Mail System
The main system is a great way for your users to keep in touch with each other and for them to constantly come back to your site.
- Submit Items
Any items a member can add to the site is listed in this section. It will include the upload image for the gallery , creation of blogs, creation of polls and the creation of a quiz.
- My Items
All items added by your members they will be able to edit/delete from this section.
- Friends & Favorites
Having friends and favorites in a community is very important and with this feature it will be a great way for your members to create a friends network.
- Bulletin
Similar to a forum the bulletin allows your members to post threads that only their friends can see and no one else.
- Invite
One of the key tools of your community is the invite tool. Your members will be able to invite any of their friends to your site simply by adding their email(s) in the form.
3. Members Personal Profiles - View Features
- Guestbook
From what we have seen in the past this might be the most used feature. Members seem to enjoy leaving a public message on other profiles.
- Friends & Favorites
Any friends or favorites a user has they will be displayed on their profile. This system is used to create a network so other members start to connect with one another.
- Personal Details block
The details listed in this block are personal details which is used to give the user viewing another users profile an idea about the members personality.
- Recent Visitors
Handy tool for those who want to see which member has visited their page last.
- Blogs
Each member has their own blog section on their profile page which will list all the blogs they have created. Other members can view the blogs and comment on them as well.
- Gallery
The gallery section that is part of a users profile works much like the main gallery section but instead it will list all the images for that specific user. Other members can view the images and comment on them as well. Members also have an option on who they want to allow to view their gallery. So they may want to only allow their friends or maybe not to allow anyone else but themselves to view their gallery.
- Groups list
On each members profile it will also list all the groups they belong to.
- Contact Panel
If a member needs to get in contact with another member they can do this all in the contact panel. It will allow them to send a mail box message, crush alert or instant message. It will also give users the chance to add another user as a friend, add them to their favorites list, rate them, invite them to a group or even block/unblock that user.
- Report User
If at anytime a user finds content on another users profile they might find offensive or if they feel it breaks your sites terms & conditions they can report that user to you and your staff with a simple "report this user" link.
- Member Details
The member details will cover the important areas of a users profile page. Each user will be able to fill in large blocks with information about themselves or what sort of books they like for example.
4. Admin Control Panel - View Features
- Browse Members
Will allow the staff to browse all users and perform important actions like deleting a profile pic or banning a member.
- Site Content
All the main content that can be changed is listed in this section and covers content like the "terms & conditions" or the "about us" page.
- Member Profile Fields
The software allows you the chance to create/edit profile fields. Useful for those that want to focus on a specific cliche for their site and maybe not to focused on just a conventional dating site.
- Site
Allows the admins to control all the main settings for their site.
- Memberships
Allows the admins to edit any memberships or even add new memberships to their sites.
- Image
Modify any config settings that have to do with images.
- Sections
If you need to turn enable/disable a module this is the place to do it.
- Style
Allows the admins the chance to add new themes or edit available themes they have on their site. Plus they can upload their own logo for each theme.
- Staff
The main admin can only visit this section and it gives them the power to create the environment for the other admins that visit the admin control panel. They can either allow or disallow what a "staff" can do.
- Api gateways
Used if you plan to charge your members to join your site. Add important details for your paypal account.
- Forum
Create/Edit/Delete any forums.
- Groups
Create/Edit/Delete any groups.
- Classifieds
Create/Edit/Delete any classifieds.
- Polls
Area to approve any new polls
- Quiz
Area to approve a new quiz.
- Gallery
Area to approve new images uploaded to the gallery section.
- Mail
View any mail that is being sent within your site to monitor everything that goes on.
- Crush Alerts
View all crush alerts being sent out.
- Page Session
Monitor all the pages your members visit to keep track of which section is used the most.
- Profile Session
Track which profiles your members visit.
- Site Session
Stores important details about each user which can be used for security purposes if needed.
- Invite List
Anytime a member invites another user it gets listed in the "invite list" section so your admins can monitor which members are active in inviting others to your community.
- Member snoop
If at anytime you need to change something another member has added to your site you can auto login as that user and do anything as them.
- Mass email
Need to inform all your members about something? This is the place to do it.
- Mysql
If you need to optimize your database and make sure there is no overhead this is where it needs to be done.
- Shoutbox
Anything added to the public shoutbox can be viewed here and if needed you can delete any message that has been added.
- Flag Database
If you are missing any flags for your site you can upload them using the "flag database" tool.
- Smilies
You can edit/upload/delete any of your smilies added to your site.
- Ads
Want to make some cash with ads? Then use the easy to use ad system which randomizes all your ads.
- Deny/Ban
If it comes to a certain point where you need to ban a user or maybe ban a specific IP this is the place to do so. You can even filter "naughty" words.
What's New in Version 1. 6:
- Support for users to upload videos direct from their computer or from sites like YouTube, MySpace, Google etc. . .
- Video conversion is done by FFMPEG, which will convert videos into the . flv format which will allow users to view videos in a Flash video player.
- Video conversion routine also creates a thumbnail image on the fly.
- Option to either allow videos direct on your site or have them approved before they show up in the main video section.
- Option to edit the "Allowed" file extensions.
- Option to edit the color layout of the video player.
- Option to watermark the video player with your sites logo.
- Option to modify the time the software takes a snapshot of a video which in return creates the thumbnail for the video.
- "Latest Videos" AJAX box found in your sites index page.
- "AJAX BOX" displayed in the main index page of the video module displays the Featured, Most Viewed, Most Discussed and Top Favorite videos.
- AJAX option to feature videos
- AJAX option to save videos to a users "Favorite" list.
- AJAX option to share videos with other users on the site.
- AJAX option to report videos to the site staff.
- Option for the staff to view all reported videos.
- Users can tag videos
- AJAX comments. When a user submits a comment or would like to view comments on for example the 2nd or 3rd page they won't have to refresh the entire page and load the Flash video player once again.
- AJAX rating feature for videos.
- "Related" videos box is displayed when viewing a video.
- "Users Video" box is displayed when viewing a video or viewing a users profile.
- Search bar found on all areas of the video module.
- Option for staff to edit video categories.
- Multi-language Capabilities
- Music Module
- Tags and RSS feeds
• Web Server API - (Apache, CGI, FastCGI and ISAPI)
• Supported Operating System - (Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows IIS and Mac)
• PHP Version - Minimum 4. 3. 3
• MySQL Version - Minimum 4. 1
• GD complied with your PHP Build
• SendMail
• PHP safe mode (OFF)
• PHP register_globals (OFF)
• PHP magic_qoutes_runtime (OFF)
• PHP memory_limit - 32M
• PHP open_basedir (OFF)
• CURL extension (Yes)
• Minimum Web Space (15 mb)

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