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Google Inc.

Sfntly revision 106

SFNT includes popular font formats like OpenType and TrueType.

Google Site Verification Plugin 0.9.1

The plugin submits the site via the Google Site Verification API and returns results.

gdata-python-client 2.0.11

Most important functions of gdata-python-client:

Sputnik 1.0

Run python tools/ --command <command>

Google C++ Testing Framework 1.0

It works on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows CE, Windows, Symbian and many more.

Google JS Test 1.0.

Google JS Test works outside the browser, through the Google V8 engine.

google-gdata (.NET library) 1.0

Most important functions of google-gdata (.NET library):

libphonenumber 3.5

It is optimized for running on smartphones.

Guava r09

The old Google Collections Library has been included in Guava.

Closure Stylesheets 20111118

The library is also known under several other names like GSS or Google Stylesheets.

Gson 2.0

JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format.

GoogleCL 0.9.10

Most important functions of GoogleCL:

Google C++ Mocking Framework 1.0

Google Mock works seamlessly with Google Test.

Google App Engine SDK for Python 1.5.1

The Engine exposes a fully-integrated development environment.

Google App Engine SDK for Java 1.5.1

App Engine runs Java applications using the Java 6 virtual machine (JVM).

V8 2.3.1 (revision 5096)

It was written using C++ and implements ECMAScript as specified in ECMA-262, 3rd edition.

protobuf 2.3.0

The package includes C++, Java and Python modules.

Closure Compiler 20110502

Closure can be used as a REDful API, simple web app and/or Java CLI tool.

Traceur 1.0

It was created to compile new features and tools directly into the language's core.

Snappy 1.0.2

News in the current Snappy version: