t_distribution Edward Zechmann

Edward Zechmann

Nth Octave Test Signal 1.0

The resulting test signal has characteristics of a warble tone.

Nth Octave Frequency Bands 1.0

The program uses ANSI S1.6 for octave and third octave band center frequencies.

Nth_Oct_Hand_Arm_&_AC_Filter_Tool_Box 1.0

It is a more stable recreation of the octave toolbox by Christophe Couvreur.

Calibrated Spectral Analysis 1.0

The script uses mic_calilb to calculate the calibration factor.

Round to a Specified Number of Significant Digits 1.0

It can handle real and complex numbers.

Make Icosahedron 1.0

Options exist to plot the icosahedron in 3D.

Round to Specified Digits Place 1.0

It also supports five different styles of rounding the last digit for a number.

Reverberation Time Calculator 1.0

A basic procedure for the measurement two methods is given in the Readme file.

Impulsive Noise Meter 1.0

The main program is Main_Sound.

Sound Power Directivity Analysis 1.0

The main program is main_directivity_analysis.m.

Simple acoustic horn design for amplification 1.0

The script was written for the MATLAB platform.

Air Absorption 1.0

The sound absorption is output in dB/meter.

Random Integer Generator 1.0

User specifies whether output is sorted or random order.

Geospace 1.0

The sequence can be an increasing or decreasing sequence.

Find Numbers in a String 1.0

The script can handle integers, complex, real and currency (dollars).