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... Diesel Pay is ... for those who wish to run their own Paypal, Stormpay, E-gold, etc. type of online business. Diesel ... digital credits to spend at different users sites. Diesel Pay allows many types of funding options like ... PayPal, E-Gold, NetPay, Evocash ... Qchex. Diesel Pay has the same features as other scripts but ...

... the features you need to run your own payment gateway system. The Diesel Pay software is ... address. Run your own Paypal type of online payment gateway system with Diesel Pay today ... Works just like the popular PayPal payment processing network but with added features. ... Refer below for more details about Diesel Pay now. Features ... Username for login (email of client used ...

Scripting diesel pay programming is written in computer programming languages that is typically interpreted and can be typed directly from a keyboard. Diesel pay scripts are often distinguished from executable files. This diesel pay scripts are safe to use virus free and spyware free.