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... By default, WordPress only allows 30 custom field names/keys to be listed in the dropdown selection ... lot of custom field key names, the admin may surpass the default limit resulting ... in some custom field keys not being listed.This may force post authors to ... manually type in custom field key names if they aren ...

... if the long text is removed. Most important functions of jQuery autoResize ... callback function fired every time the textarea is resized. Within ... If set to false no animation will take place, the height will immediately change ... when necessary. By default it ...

... manage meetings, TODO lists, notes, quizzes, etc..Memonaut can run without ... database, keeping all data locally using HTML5 localStorage. Most important functions of Memonaut ... Select notes through menu ... Locking and detaching notes in lists ...

Scripting note type programming is written in computer programming languages that is typically interpreted and can be typed directly from a keyboard. Note type scripts are often distinguished from executable files. This note type scripts are safe to use virus free and spyware free.

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