uiFlash Jan Simon

Jan Simon

FileTime 1.0

The script works properly only on Windows NTFS files.

DateConvert 1.0

· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

BlockMean 1.0

This is not a running mean, because array size is reduced by window length.

fSGolayFilt 1.0

Y = fSGolayFilt(X, K, F, [W])

VChooseKRO 1.0

· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

VChooseKR 1.0

· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

ScaleTime 1.0

· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

VChooseKO 1.0

V: Array of class DOUBLE, SINGLE, (U)INT8/16/32/64, LOGICAL, CHAR.

VChooseK 1.0

· MATLAB 7.8 or higher

C3D_VaxD2PC 1.0

The function doesn't import the contents of the C3D files into the MATLAB environment.

CStr2String 1.0

· Matlab 6.5 or higher

AutoWarnDlg 1.0

The code is written in MATLAB and will popup only when working on MATLAB applications.

CStrAinBP 1.0

Most important functions of CStrAinBP:

CStrCatStr 1.0

A cell string with the same size as the input cell will be outputted.

CalcMD5 1.0

This tool calculates the MD5 sum for files, byte streams or strings.

CryptAES 1.0

CryptAES processes 40kB/s on a 1.5GHz Pentium-M.